Situated on the beautiful Imhoff Farm in Kommetjie,

Fever Tree Arts and Crafts welcomes you to step into a world where bold colours and creativity speaks the language of the African Soul.


Fever Tree showcases an exciting and unique collection of African handcraft ranging from Zulu beadwork, recycled art and hand-painted ceramics to handwoven grass baskets and traditional cloths.


Each piece is hand-selected by owner Louise Casserley and special attention is given to design, detail and quality. All of the craft is proudly produced in Africa with a strong focus on contemporary South African arts and crafts.
Our aim is to help empower local artists to be able to generate an income through their craft in order to be able to sustain a living.


Louise, an artist herself, has been involved in the African craft scene for over a decade and during this time developed a passion for the ingenuity of recycled art. At Fever Tree you can meet and great many whimsical creatures including a Great Dane made out of bottle-tops, a recycled aluminium shark and a life sized African wild dog made out of hand-stitched recycled metal.


Many of the artists are self taught and work solo and their journey and spirit shines through their work. Some are trained by the elders in their family and community thus paying homage to traditional styles and techniques. We also support community projects and self help groups in and around South Africa and are always excited to see new projects being started!


The diversity of African art with its wealth of colour and craftsmanship is the true essence of what Fever Tree is about.


Fever Tree~ Acacia of Southern Africa known for having healing properties and sustenance qualities.


The Spirit of Ubuntu~ ‘I am a person through other people. My humanity is tied to yours’ Zulu proverb.